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Leading Colorado Manufactured Housing Forward

The Rocky Mountain Home Association (RMHA) is a non-profit trade organization dedicated to educating Colorado homebuyers about modern, precision-built manufactured housing and promoting manufactured homes across the Centennial State. For over forty years, RMHA has served the interests of Colorado’s home buying public, helping consumers find the perfect hand-built home or the right community for a home to be located.

The members of RMHA are dedicated to providing safe, affordable, high-performance homes to individuals and families in communities across the Colorado. RMHA supports our members with training, continuing education and information — ensuring that the people who design, build, install, sell and finance manufactured homes have access to the best industry practices available.

Factory-built manufactured and modular homes is an important source of affordable housing for 22 million households across the country. The factory-built housing industry produces about 90,000 homes a year and contributes around $2.6 billion to the U.S. economy. Every year, about 10% of new homes are built in a factory. Here in Colorado, the supply of affordable, quality housing is shrinking. Modern, manufactured homes offer a solution for Colorado residents seeking a path to sustainable homeownership for their families.

Tawny Peyton

Executive Director

Tawny has lead the Rocky Mountain Home Association successfully since 2011, though her connection with RMHA began nearly a decade ago. In her leadership role, she has tirelessly worked to promote the Association and our industry at industry-specific trainings, meetings, trade shows and special events, including specific legislative interests and Division of Housing training seminars. She works collaboratively with lobbyists, attorneys and related organizations to address legislative and regulatory issues. Tawny works closely with State Agencies to adopt building codes and Installation Program requirements. She acts as an ambassador for our industry by providing industry and service/supplier information to the general public and consumers. She also acts as the Executive Director for the Utah Housing Alliance.

The impact of manufactured homes

The manufactured housing industry plays an important role in the US housing market and provides affordable housing for 22 million households across the country. We’re committed to doing our part in Colorado.

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Our Mission Statement

The Rocky Mountain Housing Association is committed to elevating the manufactured housing brand in Colorado by accomplishing these goals:

To promote acceptance of manufactured and factory-built housing through education and government officials

To work toward fair treatment of manufactured and factory-built housing

To expand the market for manufactured and factory-built housing

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